Posted by: Sam | July 3, 2010

sometime around midnight…

I made it home. 5 minutes later, my power goes out. Anyway, I am not sure if i am glad to be home or upset that the trip is over. Anyway…

In Ohio i met about 30 kittens and 30 sheep, one of the kittens tried fighting the sheep, but the sheep are too dumb to fight back and just go “BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” and once one goes “BAAAAAAAA” every other sheep goes “BAAAAAA” in about 3 second intervals.

Pennsylvania sucked, as well as jersey, new york, and ct, seeing that I have driven all those roads 493 times before. On the plus side i bought some fireworks that go boom and some intense aerials to look forward to.

Jeep drove home nicer than it left my house with the exception of these garbage ballistic joints,(suspension joint for those who don’t know) which are klunking up a storm.

Well its July 3rd, and there is fun to be had. HOKAY BAI

Posted by: adam | July 2, 2010

made it home.


she served me well, but she’s done her duty. her last highway she drove was I80; which was also the first highway I drove her out of state with in February 2006 barely a month after I brought her home.

Sitting in traffic approaching the George Washington Bridge the motor was dumping unburnt fuel out the exhaust and burning so much oil it was chapping my lips and made it hard to breathe in the cabin. Once I was able to pick up speed, I was on the infamous Cross Bronx Expressway, probably the shittiest road ever built. Once I got death wobble for the sixth time I took a deep breath and threw the hazards on and crept down the right lane at 20 mph…. which is absolute suicide- theres no shoulder or breakdown lane on either side. As if trying to slow down to a standstill with cars and trucks whizzing by at 60 mph while my front axle was about to fly out from under me wasn’t enough, NYC drivers are absolutely insane and don’t pay attention anyway and I almost got plowed into at least five times. Once I got closer to the next bridge I floored it to pick up to 70 mph which was fast enough so I didn’t get death wobble, which dumped blue smoke everywhere; but the axle still slushed around every bump and inconsistency in the road, and by the time I got home, it took almost a full turn of the wheel to even change lanes.

I have about 6 degrees of camber in my right front wheel, and theres about an inch or so of back and forth play in that wheel. The drag link ends might as well be rubber bands. I didn’t even bother to look at the crack in the frame at the steering box which is probably much worse. Besides that, I absolutely demolished the uniframe rails wheeling Liberty in Colorado, the front hubs are toast, both rear axle seals leak, and the transfer case probably has a hole in it from where its been clawing at the floorboards for the past 2,000 miles.

She’s done everything I asked, and served me well. Unfortunately she won’t see her eighteenth birthday this October or 200k. I’m gonna need another beer.

Posted by: Sam | July 1, 2010

bye boulder

Went to the 3oh!3 cd release show, and learned cooking food in the parking lot was frowned upon and we could have been arrested. Anyway, after the show we waited for the crowd to disperse and bs’d with Nat and Sean (3oh!3) and ultimately they had to bounce but Sean told us to meet them at “Catacombs” bar off of pearl street for some drinks which was pretty cool. We didn’t stay very long though and ended up driving east of Denver that night so we could get an early start and avoid the traffic the next morning.

East of Denver sucks, its basically Kansas for 1/3 of the state, then you get the joy of actually entering Kansas.

Here is what i learned about Kansas:

– a 8000 lb prarie dog exists
-a 6 legged cow exists
-People in Kansas love jesus
-People in Kansas who love jesus hate porn
-not as much corn as i expected

Adams jeep is sucking right now. Mine is better than the day i left with the exception of a bent hatch (dont even notice that the glass is missing)

Adam promised i get play with 20 kittens and feed friendly raccoons tomorrow afternoon. Kittens kick ass, I can’t wait.

Posted by: adam | July 1, 2010

Illin’ Noiz.

Just did a good, relaxing drive today. Went from Commerce City, CO (a few miles outside Boulder) to Greenville, Illinois. Took us 15 hours including stopping for fuel, lunch, and dinner to do 900 miles. My Jeep is moving along strong drivetrain wise, but she’s hurting otherwise. Leaking out half the reservoir of power steering fluid every gas stop, steering is almost as loose as it’s ever been, both front hubs are shot, the passenger side ball joints are blown out, my transfer case really enjoys letting me know it’s there under hard acceleration and whenever I hit a bump, and both rear axle seals are leaking. Oh, and yea, it’s getting pretty old getting in and out f the Jeep NASCAR style because the front doors are both stuck shut.

Tomorrow we push on to my step-grandparent’s house in Marion, Ohio for the evening, the in the morning push on to home.

And BTW.. the Sleep Inn here is effing sweet.

Posted by: Sam | June 28, 2010


Colorado kicks ass.

Real cool town, real clean, nicely decorated downtown. This is where i want to live.

Wheeled independence trail in Penrose CO. Dropped into independence pass, jeep felt real good the whole time despite feeling a little sketched out from walking it before. Bent my rear hatch pretty good in a stupid spot, glass blew out and everything. a little upset about it, but i duct taped the remaining glass together and the stickers are still good to go (picked up 18 on this trip so far) This hatch will be a decoration in my future house.

Not sure what we are up to for the rest of the day, just relaxing and walking around. 3oh!3 cd release show in thier hometown tomorrow night, then heading back east.

Posted by: adam | June 28, 2010

in the 303

we’re currently sitting in a ben & jerry’s in boulder, colorado sippin on smoothies and shakes. this town is sweet, like i said earlier, every town is cooler than the next. so now, an update on the weekend…

we got into denver on saturday after we ate some food and watched the usa v ghana game in colorado springs. we then dropped off doug, chris, and corey off at denver intl airport so they could make it home for work monday (today). sucks to be them, bwhahahaha. anyway, sam and i decided to start roughing it since we realized we didnt have a lot of cash left. so we pulled into a parking lot in colorado springs near a panera, stole some wifi, and cooked ramen noodles on my camping stove. the pavement was the CLEANEST pavement i’ve ever had the pleasure to sit on. afterwards, we went to a place called gasoline alley i think.. in town. had some cheap PBR at a bar overlooked main st, talked to some people, then left around 1130ish to find a place to sleep. we found an abandoned office building somewhere, pulled the jeeps in, and set up shop to sleep. my cot fit PERFECTLY inside the jeep and i was pretty freaking comfortable to say the least.

in the morning we set out to meet some guys from NAXJA to go wheel the independence trail system in penrose. its a pretty famous trail system in the state, and the most hardcore wheeling we’ve done the whole trip. there was carnage.. lots of it. as of now, both my front doors are stuck shut, my transfer case is rubbing the floor pretty bad, i cant roll my driver’s side rear window down bc the door is that badly dented, my framerails are flattened, and i have a bunch of new dents. there are plenty of pics floating around, i’ll throw up the links once the guys from the run get em up. on the plus side, it still does 75mph comfortably, and the trail ROCKED. awesome day. sam blew out his rear window glass backing up to recover my ass. sorry dude. hahahaha. afterwards, we ate at texas roadhouse with a few of the guys we wheeled with, and crashed at mike’s place for the night.

we left early this morning for boulder, which is an AWESOME town. i think we might have found the place we want to move….

oh. and we’re seeing 3oh!3 tomorrow night. cd release show in their hometown. sick.


Posted by: Sam | June 26, 2010

cannot wait til sunday

doing some intense wheeling. Lets dent some sheet metal!

Posted by: Sam | June 26, 2010

Yep, Colorado Kicks ass

Woke up in Ouray, had a delicous breakfast buffet, and soon hit the mountain passes.

We ran Ophir pass, Imogene pass, and Corkscrew pass. Doug rented a lifted jk wrangler on 33’s for those trails. Walls of rock were on one side of the jeep at times and a thousand foot drop on the other side. Plenty of river crossings and even 10 feet of snow when it was 75 degrees out. Took Imogene to Telluride where we had some pizza at “Brown dog pizzeria” We were sat at a table and a brown dog walks up to us and lays down by our feet. A few minutes later one of the owners comes over and takes him away. I was a little upset, that dog was awesome. I dont remember the name of the pizza we had but it was delicous. The owner of the place is also a red sox fan and the place is decorated with lots of red sox memorbilia.

We had plans to run Engineer pass on our way back east but it was getting late and some locals overheard us talking and said that was a terrible idea this late in the day (about 6 pm). We headed to the highway and now reside in colorado springs for the night. Denver tomorrow where we plan on just taking it easy for the day. Adam and myself will be in boulder sooner of later as we hear it is a really cool town. Might be another day of wheeling thrown in as well.

Posted by: Sam | June 24, 2010

Colorado > New England

This place is amazing.

Glenwood springs is a pretty awesome place, everyone is friendly, even the homeless folk asking for change are friendly. Definitely a cool place. We took a chair lift up to some caves in the hillside which was pretty cool, but that was the end of Glenwood springs for us. We departed to Ouray Colorado in the afternoon. this place is awesome, Half the town is lifted or muddy trucks/jeeps. A real cool relaxed vibe, one main street and the rest of the town is dirt roads. We even saw a deer walk along the side street near our hotel. it walked towards us until about 10 feet in front of us, then just silently trotted down another side street.

Adam and I NEARLY stayed in a hotel furnished like the late 1800’s, no tv, heat comes from a small stove, and a bathtub in the room surrounded by simply curtains. The room was huge, and a good price. We talked it over dinner and Adam and I were about to stay there while the other 3 went to a pretty standard hotel, but the room sold by the time we went back. Whatever, I am pretty pumped about tomorrow’s wheeling.

goodnight internets…

Posted by: adam | June 24, 2010

that’s it. i’m moving to colorado.

we’re at a small-ish inn in ouray, colorado. just to let you know how awesome it is, here’s a pic i pulled from google:


sam and i wanted to stay at a cool victorian style inn, but unfortunately the room we looked at was taken after we ate dinner. it was so sick. no tv, old school style tub, 15ft ceilings, bathrooms in the hallway… the works. it was absolutely amazing. we also checked out a hotel called the beaumont and the lobby looked like something out of the titanic. it was stunning. expensive, but simply stunning. absolutely beautiful woodwork. i definitely will be coming back to this town with a lovely lady and splitting a very expensive bottle of wine in one of these rooms with her in the near future.

right now, sam and i split a six pack of ska brewing company’s true blonde ale. its a delicious microbrew out of durango, co. we’re lining up our trip plan for tomorrow which includes (so far) imogene, yankee boy, engineer and possibly ophir pass. we have our colorado pass guide book, my colorado gazetteer/atlas, and sam’s southwest colorado trail map and a few pens and a highlighter. this trip keeps getting better with every stop, i’m constantly astounded by this part of the country… its a whole new world compared to the east coast. the people are amazingly friendly, everyone is just so much more laid back… the atmosphere in these towns is just… im not even sure how to describe it; i just love it. i can’t see myself living in a town like ouray because its so small, but a place like glenwood springs (where we were yesterday) or any other larger town in colorado that we’ve yet to see… definitely. sam and i already decided that this time next year we will be living in colorado. i’ll miss the ocean for sure, but there are plenty of lakes and rivers here to keep me satisfied. sorry east coast, but you’re just not awesome enough.

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